ROM Samsung OMNIA con WM Windows Mobile 6.5 [DISPONIBLE]

Parece que fue verdad eso de que microsoft perdio un terminal con WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5, y mentira el desmentido, por que ya hay algunas ROM, con este sitema operativo para las PDA, entre ellas para el OMNIA que segun parece lo aguanta sin problemas.

Parece que los de HTCSPAIN la probaron y sin problemas, salvo que microsoft esta con la rabieta solicitando que borren los enlaces de esta novedad, de cualquier web que los contenga , por consecuencia pidieron que no se publicara ningun enlace en el foro.

Version J1 - Non Chinese (check cab for Chinese):

- No more Welcome Screen thanks to s0cks. I have set the best values of sensitivity and calibration!
- Fixed Weather Panel! Works on Portrait and Landscape (check screenshots). Note: You have to update the WeatherPanel so you wont see anymore the mortscript popup. Check how to enable the WindowsLive Panel on the tutorial below.
- Fixed showing on battery on Taskbar.
- Fixed showing proper alignment of Wifi on Titanium in ClockPanel. (Just connect with your wifi and you will see where you are connected to.)
- Fixed the tsk from dddrko. Thank you!
- New! Added FingerKeyboard 2.1.
- Added Pakko's camera fix!
- Added New Startup, welcome screens animation.
- Added nicest icons for honeycomb!
- Added WMPlayer iPhone skin.
- Αdded Total Commander.
- Added SafeInboxExtender (can mark your messages As Unread)
- Added Opera AdBlock! Surf safely tongue.gif
- Optimized Titanium for speed.
- New InCallRecording!
- Added HTC Task Manager.
- Added HTC Album.
- Added Pim Contact Backup.
- Added .netcf3.5
- Added sztupy Favorite hackings.
- Added psShutXP, HTC Sensors, iTouch Sensitivity, Games, CHomeConfigurator, TitaniumCustomizer
- Kept Opera (v15746)
- Kept MS Office, Java, FM Radio, FavoriteSettings, Internet Sharing
- Optimized files
- Almost everything is removed, cant list everything it is known what DXIA5 includes.

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